UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 9


The traditional British Picnic is a wonderful institution, one which my family loves. But sometimes the food you get at a picnic can be a little jaded, the sandwiches too limp, the salad too soggy. So we at UK BBQ Mag wondered if it was possible using some of the great new outdoor cooking kit available, to take the Picnic to a new level...

We're huge fans of the tiny Prakti, and it has become a firm favourite on family picnics, so simple to light, and cook on, it easily fits into a picnic basket with space for a cool bag for the food.

10 minutes to light up and you're cooking. We had ready made skewers of thin sliced sirloin steaks, sweet peppers, and dusted them with lively sumac powder. Slices of watermelon charred quickly and were served with feta and mint as a refreshing salad.

Ciabatta rolls rubbed with garlic and olive oil were charred and made great steak sandwiches with grilled thin cut sirloin steaks.

The children's favourite part of he picnic was that they were able to toast marshmallows on the embers left after cooking.

Such a simple way to up the ante on your summer picnics this year.