UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 79

The UK Smokers is a BBQ & Food Smoking forum that was set up by Danny Lane, a Texan now living in the UK.  He set up the forum  to help encourage the growing popularity of BBQ in the UK.  The forum boasts 350 UK members, but is an integral part of which has about 150.000 members worldwide. 

The aim of the forum is for like minded people to promote UK BBQ and food smoking.  Topics frequently discussed are recipes, smoker builds, hot and cold smoking, general techniques and just about anything to do with BBQ & Food Smoking. 

The UK Smokers will be holding their 3rd  annual Smokers Weekend at  Woodhall Country Park Lincolnshire this summer.  It is a fantastic weekend where fellow BBQ’ers get to cook, eat lots of BBQ and discuss anything BBQ related. It is not about competition, it is about the mutual enjoyment of BBQ and their partners are pleasantly surprised just how much they enjoy it as well.  The highlight of the weekend is the Saturday night BBQ where the members make their favourite recipes and have a few drinks to celebrate.


What members Say About UK Smokers:

“The smokers weekend was amazing, before it, I was 'flying blind' with my smoking techniques but over a great couple of days with like minded people, a few beers and plenty of awesome food my knowledge and ability developed rapidly.

For anyone that wants to meet some great like minded people, have fun and cook and eat great food, and of course have a few beers, the SMforums meet is cracking."


3rd  Annual UK Smokers Weekend is on 22 – 24 July atWoodhall Country Park Lincolnshire.  More information can be found  at

UK Smokers