UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 75


Black pudding stuffed pork steaks with smoked chilli honey glaze

If you haven't yet discovered the Gran Luchito range of condiments and sauces, then you are really missing out. My personal favourites are the smoked chilli mayo, and smoked chilli honey. I wanted to come up with a totally filthy recipe using the honey as a glaze. What better than stuffing a pork steak with black pudding, wrapping with bacon, smoking, and glazing with the sweet spicy smoky honey....

Take a large pork loin steak for each person, and using a small sharp knife make a slit in the side and work the tip of the blade in to make a pocket.

Stuff the pocket with good quality black pudding. Wrap the steak with a couple of rashers of streaky bacon to cover the slit, you can tuck in some token greens here such as coriander or flat leaf parsley under the bacon...

Sprinkle generously with the BBQ dry rub of your choice.

Place the stuffed pork steaks on a moderately hot BBQ with a lid on, hot enough so the fat and bacon crisp up, ideally around 160c.

I went for a few pecan chips onto the charcoal in the small sized Quinta Kamado with the lid down for around 15 mins a side with the fat nearest the coals to crisp up.

BBQ until the inside reaches 70 deg c and start glazing with the smoked chilli honey and cooking a couple minutes more a side, take off the BBQ and allow to rest for a few minutes, Iserved mine with some chilli mayo to dip in.