UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 67

My favourite cut at the moment has to be Short Ribs, they are actually a pretty diverse cut. Fantastic with a dry rub (I’m a big fan of Steve Heyes’ Rubs and smoked. I have recently removed the meat from the bone, butterflied it out and cooked dirty and it was superb. You can also do them hot and fast with some great results. Key is to look for some good marbling!

In terms of me and my shop. I trained for 3 years as a chef and spent 15 years in the trade in and around Surrey and London.

The Butchers has been a Butchers since 1911 and a couple of years ago an opportunity came up for me to buy the shop and it's gone from there. I’ve learnt as much as I can over the last 2 years and been inspired by some fantastic Butchers out there, Scott Rea is bloody brilliant and his tutorial videos are second to none for anyone who wants to try their hand at butchery at home.

Over in the states Jered Standing is an artist when it comes to cutting meat! I finally left the kitchens behind and moved full time into the shop last month and haven’t looked back. Pork is from Plantation Pigs on the south downs. It's fantastic meat and Bunch of Swines are picking up awards most weekends now with it in competition. Also a regular supply of beautiful Longhorn Beef from Forest Beef aged for a minimum 21 days but usually more like 35-42 days. Free Range Chicken, New Season Lamb and also imported USDA and Australian meats like Briskets and Jacobs ladder

I have always had a love for BBQ but last couple of years have really ramped it up. I cook on a Weber 57 Mastertouch and a Weber 57 wsm as well as fire pits and rotisseries. Now even organising a BBQ comp! The Big Meat, August 27th/28th.

"A good butcher should be your best mate"


James Lowe has become a bit of a legend in BBQ circles as a butcher who truly understands the BBQ cuts, he is able to source some real quality meats, and is always welcome to new techniques and ideas from the BBQ community.

Based in Woking, definitely check out his website JL Butchers @JL_Butchers

Meat the Butcher