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Please tell us a little of your background, and how you came to open a live fire cooking restaurant?

My training in cooking is predominately classical french- I got into the cuisines of Spain and Italy about 10 years ago with Salt Yard. Ember yard was inspired by trips to the basque country and Tuscany where grilling is second nature and most homes and restauranteurs use it as an extension of their kitchens- its not at all about chucking meat on there (although they do that) but much broader- vegetables, fruits, whole fish..

We wanted to recreate that in London and did so- we also had the ideal head chef- Jacques Fourie- whos South African and a born bbqer and fire lover. We also wanted to take elements of US style bbqing and throw that into the mix with hot smoking, indirect cooking and so on- but with Spanish.Italian feel.

What is your most popular dish at The Ember Yard? And your personal favourite?

we’ve got a few signature dishes now- id have to say the iberico pressa with whipped jamon butter or twice cooked and quince glazed pork ribs-

When you cook a BBQ at home for your family, what is their favourite dish?

Meat's always popular and a marinated, slow cooked lamb shoulder does the business ( I love it with north african spices)

Where is your favourite place to cook?

My kitchen at home with a glass of wine- or my garden

What BBQ do you cook on at home?

I use a drumbeque- I love it- space enough to cook a few dishes and its reassuringly robust

Please tell us a bit about your book?

Its influenced by Ember yard, travels to Spain and Italy and my love of the bbq (I’ve enjoyed bbqing for many years and started with my dad) it hopefully does two things- shows people theres so much scope for using a bbq as an extension of their kitchen and not just chucking burgers on there- the recipes include,

breakfasts, desserts, vegetables, fish, large and

small cuts… I also hope it demystifies bbqing techniques and smoking etc- with clear, aid out instructions and makes it accseable to all levels. that’s the idea anyway.

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BBQ isn't all about U.S. BBQ, here in the U.K. we are able to look at our European neighbours for inspiration too and it's this style of food cooked over the coals that Ember Yard is known for. Ben Tish from Ember Yard share's some of his cooking techniques here, followed by 2 of his recipes, from the new book.