UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 50


The Hangfire Cookbook

This isn't so much of a review, more of a you need this book in your BBQ life recommendation...The lovely Hangfire ladies Sam and Shauna are good smoky chums of the UK BBQ Team, and we are all super proud of all they have achieved. The new smokehouse in Barry...and now Hangfire...The Cookbook....

There's a great section on building a smoker, and how to cook real BBQ.

All the U.S. classics are here ribs, brisket and pulled pork, and all given the hangfire treatment to the highest level.

Rubs and sauces aplenty are all well thought through and cover the best of BBQ, there are some great Hangfire twists uing local ingredients which is awesome to see.

All the recipes look stunning with beautiful photography from Paul Winch-Furness, which makes you want to cook them up all the more.

It's fabulous that we now have such excellent BBQ cookbooks as this, using the wonderful U.S. BBQ techniques, but with a U.K. shakeup, so you don't need to convert from cups to grams for example.

What Sam and Shauna have achieved is inspiring to the max, and will hopefully get lots more people trying out the techniques and learning how to recreate this wonderful soul food.

You can buy The Hangfire Cookbook on Amazon

Also make sure to visit the hugely popular Hangfire Southern Kitchen in Barrybados

You can find out more about Sam & Shauna and the latest that they're up to on their site HangFire Smokehouse