UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 46

1. Clean your bbq grill thoroughly, before lighting it.

2. Don't use any BBQ lighting fuel. Instead use eco-friendly compressed wood paper blocks. It will burn longer and it won't release any toxic fumes or bad odours.

3. When lighting your grill (especially when using oil drums - customized stainless steel oil drum shaped BBQ’s) try building a small "camp fire" in the middle of it. It will be easier and faster, and it will be a good base once all the charcoals have become red hot. Spread it out and then add new charcoals over the hot ones.

4. Feed your fire constantly with small amounts of charcoal to keep it burning for long periods of time.

The renowned head chef Nicola Melilo from Rudie’s (Jamaican restaurant in Dalston has supplied his step by step guide and SEVEN top tips to becoming a BBQ boss…

This jammin’ Jamaican restaurant, is according to Grace Dent (ES Magazine food critic) serving THE best jerk chicken in London, so who better to get BBQ tips off?

Rudie's BBQ Tips