UK BBQ Mag Summer 2016 - Page 41

to everything else they will then go on to do? and that if they get that right, good food will follow without the need to resort to having a gas stove in their garden?

It takes years to understand how to make and control a proper fire. It’s our nature to take the path of least resistance.

You clearly have a great team at Shotgun and in a brief chat with the Chefs, it was clear that they had fully bought in to the quite clean and quite pure approach to the cookery, subtle spicing and a ‘from scratch’ approach when building flavours, that was evident across the menu and even in the rubs and sauces.

Is this integrity with ingredients something reinforced in your own approach, from places like Per Se and Noma? And is instilling this in your own team, to safeguard the integrity of the dishes a priority? which is again, something often missing in a BBQ scene, drenched in brash

MSG fueled rubs and sticky sauces?

We pursue cooking with honesty and integrity, sometimes to our own physical and mental

detriment. Good chefs have never taken the easy way out.

The 'from scratch’ approach is just the top line description when the bottom line is that we want to understand everything we are doing. To get there, we have to start from nothing and build up.

That’s our approach to both recipes and training in the kitchen.and can’t you just taste it! from that glaze on the Pigs ear to the seasoning on the lamb breast.