UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 9

It can be a truly reinvigorating way to get back in love with cooking outdoors and BBQ, maybe you've been practicing for a competition BBQ, or a bit of catering, or just want to experiment with some wonderful simple flavours and cooking meat with a bit of gentle heat and smoke, or over a raging inferno. Cooking on an open fire can give you a real satisfaction that can be hard to beat sometimes.

But what to cook? well pretty much most all depends how patient you are, huge slabs of meat, whole animals, down to delicate slithers of meat fish and vegetables all taste awesome.

I had a wonderful day cooking with fellow UK BBQ Mag team member John Gower of Quiet Waters Farm, over a simple parilla, in cast iron pans, on the grate and directly in the embers of a silver birch fire. It felt completely liberating to enjoy this food, cooked in this simple way. The smoke is lovely and gentle like this, with none of the harshness you sometimes get from using charcoal. Definitely to be recommended and so simple.