UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 86

stopped a lot of plans so we have put things back 12 months at least.

We are not doing Grillstock this year and it looks like Pengrillie will be our only competition that we enter. Fingers crossed we will also be part of the excellent Powderham Food Festival as we have for the last couple of years.

Other than that the plan was to be going in to Catering and we are still in the throws of doing that but it has taken a back seat until we are in and settled in the new Riviera BBQ HQ.

Once that happens we shall definitely be doing catering of some sorts and have a few other ideas up our sleeves too.

Where we get our BBQ supplies...

If we are going to get rubs we either make our own or we go through as there is a vast selection to be chosen from.

If we are talking meat then we buy local. I have known a local butcher, Terry Prentice since I was an apprentice years ago when I used to fix his fridges. Since then the business has been sold but keeps the Prentice name and they have been great! After chatting with John, the new owner, we now get what we want meat wise and with it we are also supporting a local business.

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