UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 73

a little extra ‘oomph’.
For those who like a subtler heat, Kosmo’s Q Killer Bee Chipotle Rub has the heat you want with the balance you’re looking for. Made by BBQ Champion Darian “Kosmo” Khosravi, it delivers honest-to-goodness sweet heat, using real honey to temper the spicy chipotles.

Best Specialty Rubs
There are hundreds of rubs made for traditional BBQ, but there are times when you want to put a unique twist on your food. Even if you don’t use these all the time, they could quickly become one of your favourite seasonings.
Created by World BBQ Champion and BBQ Pitmaster Dave Bouska, Butchers BBQ Hickory Seasoned Salt adds a little something extra to the simplest and most effective of all seasonings: salt. Hickory smoke is added to give the salt added depth and flavour that’s amazing on chicken, pork, beef, and seafood.
Dizzy Pig BBQ has made its name creating unique rubs. If you’re looking for something different, check out their line of rubs, starting with Dizzy Pig ‘Red Eye Express’ Rub. Using coffee for a bold, malty base, this robust rub brings big bold flavour to beef, lamb, and even wild game. For steaks that can only be described as ‘lush’, then go with my personal favourite, 'Raising the Steaks' Rub.
Best Buy Rubs
For many people, cost and quality are of equal consideration. Before you go grabbing a cut-rate seasoning that’s probably not particularly fresh or flavourful, take a look around. There are a number of high-quality rubs that can be had at a good price.

Honestly, all of Oakridge BBQ’s products could fall into this category. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they taste great. Perennial favourites like ‘Black Ops’ Brisket Rub, ‘Secret Weapon’ Pork & Chicken Rub, and ‘Dominator’ Sweet Rib Rub will transform your BBQ.
Sometimes value is defined by how much you get for your money. Bad Byron’s Butt Rub is a great example. One of the most popular pork rubs around, Butt Rub is available in a large 737g container that costs only slightly more than bottles half its size. That makes it easy to stay stocked up and ready to BBQ.
Enjoy your BBQ!

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