UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 63


charcoal pot belly barbecues in Issan, Northern Thailand. 1982

#7. Whilst travelling in America in 1984, I found myself without money and had to take a job in Houston, Texas digging holes into which 5ft tall fence poles would be placed.The sun was scorching and the ground was hard like rock. The work was tough and badly paid but at lunch time on that first day. we were presented with the left over brisket from the boss' BBQ the day before and I became instantly obsessed with learning how to cook this great lump of beef.

Q.Best place you've eaten?

A. For BBQ food? Smokehouse Islington with Neil Rankin.

Q.What next for you and your brand?

A. I'm just recovering from badly breaking my leg and ankle which left me bed ridden for months. Hopefully I will be mobile enough by summertime to get out and travel around the country to see what has been happening in the BBQ world. There are definitely a few restaurants and pop ups whose food I am anxious to sample. Over at BBQ Shack we'll probably continue to go against the grain and start to promote our new line of ''vintage eastern European smoked meats and sausages''.

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