UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 48

difficult it seems. This knowledge we all try to make available for anyone who really wants to learn and now even more so through the culture of BBQ.

I was the last to join this BBQ coalition. Me and Miki go back a little. We were nighbours some years back. We had some first real burgers together on the neighbourhood grill parties but in fact never spoke of starting a BBQ community back then. It was still early and even the earthshaking burger trend still had a few years to wait before it hit our country. It was just fun back then with no trends yet. But now basically we all had the same great idea.

Dejan had his influence through his business. I already started building our BBQ community through events for the people in the last year and the layout for what will become the Slovenian BBQ Society was prepared by Miki and AleŇ°. Unplanned we all met at one occasion not far back in January this year when we were attending the KCBS judges class in South Tyrol. The unexpected prequel which led to our meeting at the pizzeria. On 13th of January 2017 Slovenia got the first six KCBS licensed judges and a table captain. Miki gave me a call some weeks later and invited me to meet them. At that moment four people that have the will to push the BBQ wheel forward in the country agreed that it is time to do it together. As I wrote earlier, the one who really understands BBQ will know and understand what happened next.

It is an honor given to me by my friends and colleagues that I can introduce the Slovenian BBQ Society to the world through the UK BBQ Mag. You are the first to know. Slovenia is now BBQ open country. It is at least a few years of individual work that we all put in merged under the same roof. We are proud and determined to make it work. We would like to thank all of the BBQ friends from around the world who helped and accepted us and please from now on pay attention for news from newly BBQ open Slovenia. It will be fun and it will start happening soon enough. Looking forward to greet as many BBQ loving people in our country as possible. There is now a place for you all to call home in Slovenia too. Welcome and good smoke to all of you from the SBBQS - Slovenian BBQ Society!