UK BBQ Mag Spring 2017 - Page 46

BBQ Slovenia
It's done when it's done
and we are ready

It is now end of February 2017. A few days back an important meeting was held in a small pizzeria in Ljubljana the capitol city of Slovenia. Why would that meeting be of any interest to you? Well you must have read the title haven't you? That day was a breakthrough for the four of us finally getting together and joining our paths into one great goal.
First was Mr. Dejan Turk. A classic french trained chef of a long family tradition in the business but now mainly focussing on real low & slow BBQ with a few distinctive projects under his thumb already. He was the first to use a traditional low & slow method to prepare pulled pork and pulled beef sandwiches from his litle cart and let the people have some real BBQ taste. That was just the start of it. Lets just say there is no better BBQ in Slovenia you can buy than his at the moment. Next are Mr. Miki Stjepanovic and Mr. Ales Omejc.
Two friends that their love of basketball took around the world where the inevitable happened. While in Austin for the NBA games they tried the real BBQ there and decided to bring a little Texas back home with the nothing less than excellent Yoder smokers and founded the Yoder Smokers Slovenia. Last is me since I am the one writing. My name is Peter Hajdu. If I tell you that my first memory ever is about our family grilling lunch over fire somewhere in the 80's it is the truth. The day was marked by a terrible storm that almost blew away the grill but the memory is there and the chicken I can still taste. It was good! I started to spread the American BBQ tradition a few years back by working on BBQ community through my project Zarovnije BBQ Special which later organically evolved to a business with the founding the ProQ Smokers Slovenia with great help from UK's finest Macs BBQ of the respected McKend family.
But why and how did we get at that table together? Well those who really understand the message and spirit of BBQ will know. The smell and taste of BBQ will bond the unbondable and