UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 61

Herbs & Spices

A key part of an outdoor cooks BBQ armoury is the herbs and spices they use. If you're packing your food with layers of flavour, dry rub, smoke, and sauce, you need to make sure you use the best ingredients you can.

It's no good digging out dusty spices from the back of your cupboard, you need fresh and zingy flavours that will hold their own. You've taken the care and attention to select a great piece of meat, so why ruin it with old herbs and lacklustre spices.

I've struggled to find really fresh herbs and spices for a reasonable price, with enough exotic and unusual ingredients that I can experiment with. But have recently found a great place to get them from.

JustIngredients have an awesome range of exciting herbs and spices, I was seriously impressed with the variety and quality. I'll certainly be using the allspice berries for some Jerk, and teaming up the Star anise with some beef. The dried chillies include pasilla, chipotle and habanero.