UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 59

charcoalchLaarycoouatlscLhayrocuotasl Layouts Ring Of Fire The Ring of Fire! It just sounds awesome! This method is great for cooking things that need a consistent indirect heat all the way around. The type of items that cook best using this method are pizzas and cakes. Snake Method This is the first of the “low & slow” methods. For this method you need to build a snake of charcoal running around the edge of you BBQ. You then pour your lit coals at one end of the snake. The snake will slowly burn its way around. You can adjust the cooking time by making it longer or shorter and temperature by making the snake higher or shallower. Minion Method Lastly the Minion Method which is a popular “low & slow” method used in bullet smokers and kamado ovens. For this method you need to pour your unlit coals into your BBQ then leave a small gap in the centre which you then pour your hot coals into. The unlit coals will then slowly catch a light and keep making their way out the the edges.