UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 58

charcoalchLaarycoouatlscLhayrocuotasl Layouts Direct Direct is the most basic layout for your coals, it is generally where most beginner BBQers start out. After lighting your charcoal you just spread it out evenly across the base of your BBQ. It offers a consistent level of heat across the entire BBQ. The downside to this is you have no cool area to move your food to so it is easy to burn your food. One Sided Direct One Sided Direct is the the next level and is likely to be a very popular layout for you. This layout give you the ability to do both direct and indirect cooking. You can vary the temperature by controlling how much coal you use. If you need to keep some food warm on one side while cooking on the other then this is perfect. Two Sided Direct Using the Two Sided Method is great for cooking indirect yet achieving a consistent temperature coming from both sides. Also with some adjustment it gives yout the ability to have 3 different temperature zones. You can put more coal on one side than the other to give you lots of flexibility.