UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 57

METHODS TO GET YOUR FIRE STARTED SIMPLY FIRELIghters Sometimes you may not have your fancy lighting devices with you and you may need to go old school. Using good quality natural firelighters such as flamers is still a pain free way to get your fire started. 1. Position a firelighter in the base of your BBQ. 2. Cover your firelighters making a small pyramid shape with charcoal but leave each firelighter slightly exposed. 3. Light the exposed firelighters with a lighter or preferably a blow torch. 4. After 20-30min when the coals are glowing and some flames are starting to grow your coals are ready to cook on. TOP TIP Keep your charcoal dry! will Charcoal is porous and it ould absorb moisture. You sh always try and store your d if charcoal in a dry area, an tly possible keep it in a tigh r. closed covered containe Charcoal that has been exposed to moisture can and very be difficult to light may not burn as well.