UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 55


It's worth investigating charcoal for yourself, try a few varieties, notice how long they burn for, whether they burn hot and fast or slow and steady. See how some are smokier than others.

Decide whether you want a British charcoal or are happy for one from overseas. But the charcoal you use has a huge effect on the BBQ you produce.

IIt's worth shopping around, and buying in bulk if you use a lot of charcoal.

The next few pages show how to light your charcoal, and setups for different cooking styles.


"Aussie" Heat Beads

Most briquettes are of poor quality wood with binders and not good for BBQ. But these heat beads are the best.

Low smoke and burn steadily for 4 hours. Great for using in the "snake" method for a long cook.

£7.25 for 4kg £1.80/kg


Cube briquettes of compressed coconut shell. Very dense, no odour and smoke. Environmentally friendly. Twice the heat output of wood charcoal. So 10kg is equivalent to 20+kg of lumpwood.

Smaller versions used in shisha pipes...but this one os for BBQ, a very new product available in the UK. But one to look out for.

£16-18 for 10kg £1.60-1.80/kg

Also consider using real wood to make your own...