UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 54

Charcoal Matters

Does charcoal matter? Definitely.. Things have moved on from only being able to pickup BBQ charcoal from a garage or DIY store, these days there are gourmet charcoals available, here are some of the best.



British gourmet hardwood charcoal. Available in a range of woods, from mixed hardwood, birch, oak and ash. Superb quality, produced in small batches with excellent results. Great for grilling and dirty cooking.

£6.99+ for 3kg £2.33/kg


Seriously high quality, long burning Cuban origin. Low smoke, with good environmental credentials.

Takes a little longer than most to get going, but once it is, it keeps going.

£24 for 10 kg £2.40/kg

Restaurant Grade

Available from Bookers and Makro wholesalers, the quality and origin of this can be pretty varied. Usually large chunks, good for cooking low'n'slow., can be quite sparky when lighting.

£11.99 for 12kg £0.99/kg

Also consider Big K Brand