UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 49

So last November me and my partner Donna finally got on a plane and headed to the BBQ mecca, Texas.

My name is Andy and I run Andy’s Low N Slow here in Birmingham. I've been cooking BBQ for three years and over the last few years have drawn heavily from Texas for my inspiration, until one rainy Friday afternoon through the crowd appeared this big Texas accent asking me what I was cooking as he could smell ‘’home’’

To cut a long story short this guy, Texas Kev as he is now known became a major part in my journey and quest to cook the best BBQ I could and without realising mentoring me and built up my confidence in what I was already cooking.

Fast forward a year and my partner Donna and myself are greeted by my friend at Austin airport and my adventure begun......

The idea of the trip was to spend time with my friend

and to eat, see and photo as much BBQ as humanly possible, and boy oh boy did we do that!!! I think the total for 9 days was 14 joints and it tested our inner BBQ to almost breaking point.

Within 45 minutes of landing I was eating my first sample of brisket at a little road side truck in Georgetown named FullHouse BBQ. The smell of sweet pecan and oak smoke filled the night air and to say I was excited was an understatement. The brisket was moist, smokey and full of umami with a perfect it happens this was in my top five of all I tried and I'd wholeheartedly recommend anyone stopping by to eat here and chat to the friendly pit master.

The thing I learned about Texas was that meat and cooking with fire is part of life. It's embedded in the culture and history of these people going back hundreds and hundreds of years. The cuts of meats used were out of necessity and improvisation; whether it was out on a ranch working or home cooking with little money for prime cuts.

Lockhart’s historic BBQ joints oozed this tradition and are a must see. They are more BBQ museum than restaurants and to any enthusiast who has studied TX BBQ to walk through the door and over the burning logs at Smittys or to see the huge pits and operation and Kreuz is breath taking. Here the meat is cooked the old way and gives a unique roasted flavour to the brisket due to the higher heat of the pits and at some parts of the cookers, direct heat. The sausage here is some of the best I tried drawing influence from the Czech and German settlers that came here in the early 1900’s, mainly beef but with some pork, beautifully moist and a perfect snap breaking into soft spicy meat! Blacks around the corner is a must as well and ideally hit all three in one go; if you are man or woman enough to handle it!

My Texas

Andy Stubbs

Andy’s Low N Slow is famed for authentic BBQ having drawn heavily from Texas for inspiration, it's easy to understand when you hear his story.