UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 47

British BBQ is growing at a rate of knots, but for a long time you could only read US BBQ books. It's great to see a growing bookshelf of British BBQ books. 2016 looks to be the best year yet, with these four fab books being our pick of the bunch.

Neil Rankin is surely one of the most experienced live fire chefs in the UK.

A classic chef turned BBQ maestro, you can expect this book will challenge your preconceptions.

Neil has headed up Pitt Cue Co. John Salt and Smokehouse so knows what he's doing.

Focussing on cooking the cheaper low'n'slow cuts, prepare for a new look at how to cook meat.

Out May 5th 2016

Available for pre order for £19.99

Ember Yard Chef Director Ben Tish specialises in an exciting Mediterranean style of live fire cooking. If you're looking beyond the standard BBQ dishes, then this book is bound to provide plenty of inspiration.

Working with the full range of smoky, charred flavours, expect simple refined BBQ.

Out April 21st 2016

Available for pre order for £19.99