UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 46

British BBQ Books

for 2016

Everyone in British BBQ knows Grillstock... Jon and Ben run the best BBQ and music festivals.

The Grillstock smokehouses are legendary, and they have been pioneers of US style BBQ since 2010.

This book promises BBQ secrets from the smokehouse, and will no doubt feature epic meals packed with smoke and sauce.

Out April 21st 2016

Available for pre order for £16

Sam and Shauna are great friends of UK BBQ Mag, and it was fab news to hear their first cookbook was to be released.

These lovely ladies brought back their love of food from the Southern States, and quickly became respected pit masters.

Expect this book to be fun, but full of great southern flavours, maybe the occasional Welsh twist.

Out May 5th 2016

Available for pre order for £16.59