UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 44

and grilled until 54/55C and it's one the best steaks you can have.

It's hard to say what is the best you mind if we talk about beef that I had recently and is still in my mind? I had a lot of great beef during those years, I don't want to be unfair forgetting any of them.

Last year I had a Picanha ( it was a cross Wagyu/Angus) from Highland Wagyu that was out of this planet, spectacular. Another thing that I had last year and still in my mind was Peter Hannan's Sugar-pit bacon chops, unbelievable.

I just had a dry aged Wagyu beef short ribs from Santa Barbara Carnes ( Brazil) and it was amazing.

I also had some fantastic dry aged steaks in Knife, Dallas with my friend John Tesar. The brisket from Aaron Franklin, I can't forget to mention it, epic.

So many good meats, it's hard to choose one. I could mention at least 15 more :) .

You have just released your book, please tell us some more about it?

Just released ALL Fire in Brazil. It's a simple but in my opinion delicious and easy book. Not a manual, its a book made to be fully cooked by anyone. You don't need to be a professional to cook the recipes that are there. Food that I cook at home for friends and family. I did it using coals and wood, with my grill, smoker, wood burning stove and oven. But you can do the recipes using a regular oven and stove, it doesn't need to be a wood fired stove for example.

I talk a lot about the basics, temperatures, the thermometer I use (that I love and I think is really helpful). You will see there how I grill, burgers, bolognese ragu, lobster rolls, some seafood recipes, beef stroganoff and Brazilian feijoada. It's a book for food cooked with fire, that I think is really comforting.

I'm working on the English version and trying to publish it in English let's see...



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