UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 43

If you had to cook one thing for someone very special to impress what would it be?

That’s a hard question.. To impress? My slow cooked bolognese ragu, that cooks in 8 hrs and fresh homemade pasta are pretty good. Big steaks bone in always impress, like Tomahawk. If I was grilling a Tomahawk, I will be cooking slowly, starting searing 15/20 cm over the coals and raising the grill to 40/50 cm until medium rare (55C). I think a big steak, equally cooked always impresses.

Or maybe beautiful smoked beef ribs... Or maybe a ribeye cap with bearnaise sauce and fries...

You have been involved with the growing BBQ scene in the UK, how do you see things here?

I LOVE the UK! I have great friends there . The meat is really good, a lot of talented people and chefs, and wonderful festivals happening ( as Meatopia, Grilstock , Big Grill Festival , Jamie Oliver's The Big Feastival, etc). I love to cook there, it's always a massive pleasure be in the UK. Like I said before, we are always learning and I’ve been learning a lot in the UK .

What could we in the UK learn to improve our outdoor cooking?

I always say that there is not "the" best way to grill or cook. There are many great ways to do it. We need to be open, learn and try. I think that one thing that can be tried is low and slow grilling. Start the fire with good wood (you have a lot in the UK) and grill the steak, gently, over the coals.

The temperature is great if you put your hand over the grill , face down, and can handle it for 5 seconds. Less time is too hot, more time is to cold. Start searing 15/20 cm over coals and raise the grill 40cm , turning the steak a few times to get it equally cooked inside. Let it rest and slice against the grain. If you can't raise the grill, put the steak on the side of the grill, in a lower temperature zone or indirect.

I season the steak with just salt (usually Maldon) and a little bit of black pepper. I have also been using the Argentine style grill, v-shaped. That’s great for some reasons, the fat runs down the grooves and not the coals, avoiding flames when dropping over the coals (I always try to avoid flames and high temperatures when grilling). This fat is great to brush the meat when grilling.

This is my favourite way to grill meat, gently and with no rush. Again, it doesn't mean this is better than other techniques. It's one more way to do it.

You are a real beef lover, please tell us what it is you love about good beef, and the best beef you have tasted?

I love a good beef. Grilled or smoked. Obviously as a Brazilian I love a good picanha and a good churrasco ( Brazilian BBQ). We have great meat in Brazil by the way. My favourite beef cut to grill is Ribeye cap. It's so good and tasty , you just need some salt,