UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 41

Meat the Butcher

Andrew Gordon


Andrew runs a great butchery in Aberdeen, his speciality is the wonderful Aberdeen Angus beef from Aberdeenshire. This traditional beef breed has become stablished as some of the best beef there is. Andrew hand chooses the best of it and carefully dry ages it to perfection.

What I love about being a butcher is that it's so much fun for me and when you've got the right environment you can adapt to any climate and situation. It's my passion, my hobby, my life. Catch me if you can or hold onto my shirt tails because this is where it happens and I ain't stopping.

Skirt is a steak that it surprises you everytime you cook it, especially if it has been marinated or dry rubbed the night before. I remember a long time ago when I used to think this was a cut of beef only for braising but in my meaty world you have to explore and experiment each day.

Knowing how to slice and how thick or thin to slice this type of steak is important to me and I often show a customer the way the meat fibres flow when they are buying it, so they can slice in confidence at home.

I like Skirt steak marinated overnight and then dabbed down with kitchen paper after coming to room temperature, before being seared the hell out of for 2 minutes each side in a griddle pan. Leave to rest in tin foil for 5 minutes before slicing thinly and I can tell you it doesn't last long once we start eating it.

350g isn't enough for 2 people to share when steak is this good, you need 500g between 2. As I say when I really like stuff....Booooooooooooooooom to Dirty Skirt & All Skirt

"A good butcher should be your best mate"