UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 35

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OK, so Marcus, esteemed founder and editor of UK BBQ Mag, also wanted me to be sensible and mention some of the new rubs & sauces we are bringing in from the States. Where to start? We at BBQ Gourmet already stock a large range, and it’s always growing, usually in response to specific requests from our customers.

Next shipment will bring some more new products, but for now, let’s have a look at the Oakridge BBQ range.

Oakridge BBQ have to be one of the most successful BBQ rub producers in the United States having won over 3,500 Top-Ten Awards in professional barbecue contests all across the United States and Europe.

I really like the flavour profiles Oakridge BBQ produce, and they are really fanatical about quality. All Oakridge BBQ products use absolutely no MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or anti-caking agents, and all are 100% Gluten Free.

Personally, I think they are all good, but I do have my favourites. The cinnamon ‘kick’ in ‘Dominator’ Sweet Rib Rub is awesome on pork, especially when paired with an apple-based BBQ sauce, like the Rufus Teague ‘Apple Mash’ or American Stockyard ‘Harvest Apple’ BBQ sauces.

I love ‘Black Ops’ as it forms the most beautiful, thick, delicious, black bark when you smoke your brisket. ‘Secret Weapon’ Pork & Chicken Rub has a nice, complex flavour profile. ‘Santa Maria’ Grill Seasoning is great on anything you grill – apply it lightly for flavour and a bit heavier if you want flavour with a bit of heat from black pepper – and it was my all-time favourite steak rub until I met Dizzy Pig BBQ ‘Raising The Streaks’ rub.

Oh, and try ‘Santa Maria’ in mashed potatoes with lots of butter – it blew away my guests last Christmas dinner.

The latest releases from Oakridge BBQ are their ‘Crucible’ Ghost Chili Rub and ‘Carne Crosta’ Steakhouse Rub.

Now, I’m definitely not a ‘hothead’, but I can eat and really enjoy Oakridge’s hot rubs: ‘Habanero Death Dust’ and ‘Crucible’. Most important, you can taste the meat under the heat. They have great, albeit different, flavour profiles, and the heat is constant, i.e. the heat doesn’t just escalate until you feel your mouth has been cauterised, but they will put a ‘zing’ in your mouth for about an hour after you eat them.

You should know that ‘Crucible’ is considerably more expensive than ‘Habanero Death Dust’, and that is down to the astronomic price of ghost chili powder, but I still think it worth it.

As for ‘Carne Crosta’ Steakhouse Rub, I really like this new rub. To my mind, it has an unusual flavour profile with a strong coffee influence, but it really works, especially on a fatty steak like a rib-eye. You should definitely read the instructions on this one.

Finally, Marcus thought I should mention that, following the success of the first BBQ class that we ran last year, we are organising more BBQ classes in 2016. You’ll be happy to hear that these classes are not being taught by me, but by Ed Gash, Pitmaster of the Bunch of Swines Competition BBQ Team. For those of you who don’t already know, the Bunch of Swines BBQ Team is one of the top, if not the top, BBQ team in the UK and Europe - winning 7th place overall at the 2015 American Royal Invitational BBQ Contest in Kansas City is no small achievement. If you are interested in attending, you can book your place on our website at .

So I’m thinking that is more than enough for this issue – Marcus will probably edit this down significantly, and who would blame him? Not I. Whether you hear from me again will largely depend on the feedback Marcus gets from this article so please do let him know what you think. If the response is negative, at least I won’t have to start worrying about editorial deadlines in the future. 

Enjoy your BBQ!!

P. S. Just a last little comment: you know how most rubs say they are intended for beef or pork or chicken? Well, my recommendation is that you totally ignore that. Try any rub on any food and see if you like it. It will lead to some amazing flavour discoveries. For example, I found that Oakridge BBQ Venison & Wild Game rub really works well on chicken.