UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 27

The range of cookware available is ever growing, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes of skillets, griddle pans, dutch ovens, roasting pans etc.

There are a few smaller UK manufacturers like Netherton Foundary, but there are larger manufacturers like Le Creuset and Lodge. I own a mix of equipment, but find that Lodge offers the best relative cost / quality ratio.

Although most come pre-seasoned these days, if you use the equipment enough to build up the seasoning (essentially a layer of oil that provides a non-stick layer and protection against rust) - a well cared for and seasoned pan can have similar non-stick properties of modern day equivalents.

It must be noted cast iron does have its critics however, it’s very heavy, which, although helps contribute to its robustness, does cause difficulty handling with some users. The seasoning must also be preserved to prevent food from sticking, this is easily done however.

Cast iron also requires a different sort of cleaning than other household pans. They are actually easy to clean (soap is a no-no!) but it’s getting into the different habit which is the biggest problem. The easiest way of cleaning is adding water to the cookware whilst still hot, gently scrubbing with a soft wire ball or pad, drying, and then applying a thin layer of vegetable oil before storing. Treat it like this and they’ll last generations!

Duncan Meyers