UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 22

Bunch of Swines Top Tips

1. If you're at a contest, ask lots of questions of the teams around you and try other people's food. A lot of people seem surprised, but the majority of experienced teams in the UK are happy to help out new teams and want them to do well!!! If we're at a contest and we're not busy, feel free to come over for a chat and ask whatever questions you like, I'll answer most of them.

2. Create a timeline for what needs to happen when. Contests are a lot of fun with lots going on and it's very easy to get caught up in something else that's going on. Having a plan written down, will help you keep on top of everything during the contest especially on the morning of judging.

3. Don't bother spending lots of cash on high end meats like Wagyu briskets etc. until you consistently score well in that round and even then question if you need to. The high end meats aren't a quick fix and if they’re not cooked right they won't score any higher than you would have using a cheaper one.

4. Write a kit list of everything you need to take, and then make a note of items you don't use so you know not to bother packing them for next time. I know that at your first contest you're a little unsure of what to take, and a lot of people want to take 3 kitchens worth of equipment, but it's just more equipment to setup and take down at the end of the contest. So take what you think you need for the first one and then shrink your list over time.

Competition BBQ is becoming huge. In the last few years the number of UK teams at events such as Grillstock is growing rapidly..

Bunch of Swines Ed & Emma give the lowdown on life as a BBQ team.