UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 16

A really economic and easy meal which can take advantage of pork belly having gone back to being a relatively cheap cut at the present time.

This is just a simple take on that awesomely addictive Chinese crispy pork belly. It delivers nice fragrant spicing, unctuous melt in the mouth meat and that delicious salty crunch. On top of all that its easy to prepare with just around 1-1½ hours total cooking time.

First take your pork belly and score with a stanley

knife across the skin at roughly half inch intervals.

Then find a pan which will take your pork belly (500g slab here for example) and add enough water to cover pork fully, then add 1 tablespoon of rice wine, a couple of fresh ginger slices and a roughly chopped large spring onion and bring up to a slow boil.

Add the pork into the pan meat side down for about 15 mins then turn over and cook a further 10

mins or until pork is tender.

Remove the meat and allow to stand for some 15 mins to let off steam and dry. Then dry some more all over by dabbing with kitchen towel. The drier the better.

At this point the skin is quite soft and so take advantage of this and using a fine tonged fork, toothpicks or, ideally, a

salumi pricker (something I happen to have around and perfect for this!).

You want as many pricks in the skin as possible so really go to town on this bit.

Quick & Easy Chinese 'Siu Yuk' style

BBQ crispy pork belly

BQ crispy pork belly