UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 15

New Kit Alert

Traeger Pellet Grills


Pellet grills and smokers are still to catch on here in the U.K. but they are incredibly popular in the U.S. where their versatility and "set & leave" ease of use makes BBQ more accessible to all.

Pellet Grills use 100% Hardwood smoking Pellets, available in all popular woods.

The great news is that Traeger will available in the U.K. from The Alfresco Chef with fresh new models in a few months (May 2016) from the Pro Series 22 (£595 RRP)shown in the ad opposite, up to large commercial smokers and grills.

Most of the grills are available in black or bronze. But Porky's Li'l Pig (£1400 RRP) in candy pink below, looks an interesting bit of kit, that may well appeal to some of the BBQ teams here in the U.K.

The Li'l Pig features 36K BTU, 425sq in grilling area, and a "Rear End Smoke Exhaust" Love it!!