UK BBQ Mag Spring 2016 - Page 12

Prakti Portable BBQ


Prakti might not be a name familiar to a lot of BBQ'ers in the UK. But sit up and take notice. These cracking portable little charcoal and wood cookers have recently started being imported by The Charcoal Burner Company.

Hot enough to grill in minutes or even wok cook. Ideal for a camping trip, or to take to the beach. We tested the Charcoal powered Rocket Stove, which comes in at 4.5kg.

It certainly lived up to it's rocket name, using a flamers wood lighter, and Oxford Charcoal, it was roaring away within a few minutes. You can control the heat surprisingly easy with the front sliding doors.

The Hand grill comes as a £10.99 optional extra, and makes grilling so easy. The standard model runs on charcoal, but there are various other options including wood burning, and a jumbo Orca model.

It's a lovely little table top cooker, providing either slow and steady or raging hot cooking.

It's a bit of a looker too. Once we finish cooking, we love to keep warm next to ours.

You can find the Prakti here

The Charcoal Stove is £64.99 and comes with a years warranty (not that it should be needed, this cooker seems bombproof)