UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2017 - Page 83

Grilled Lime Caipirinha

Red Leg Rooster

You've got the grill lit, you might as well grill up some cocktail ingredients to make a beautiful Grilled Lime Caipirinha.

Simply sprinkle slices of lime with demerara sugar and place on a hot grill until caramelised. Allow to cool and place in the base of a short glass tumbler with the rest of the brown sugar. Mix up with a cocktail muddler, add ice to top of glass, fill glass with Cachaca. A slice of lime to decorate the glass finishes off nicely.

What’s involved?

• Half a lime cut into slices • 2-3 tsp demerara sugar • 60ml Cachaca Spirit • Plenty of crushed ice

We're big fans of both ingredients to this barely a cocktail, Red Leg Rum is a beautiful spiced rum with plenty of vanilla and tropical flavours, and it pairs perfectly with cold brew coffee, which is sweet nutty and delicious.

This is a lovely pick me up during a long night tending the smoker, and pairs really nicely with flank steak, short ribs and brisket. Simply add the ingredients below to a glass.

What’s involved?

• Generous shot of Red Leg Spiced Rum • An equal amount of Cold Brew Coffee• A couple of ice cubes