UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2017 - Page 82

Cocktails to drink with your BBQ

Dirty Mary

Dirty Mary, the love child of a Dirty Martini and Bloody Mary, this umami-packed cocktail is perfect the morning after the night before. The creator of this Lloyd Brown tells us this drink would go well with meat - BBQ and could also be used as a wet rub.

The recipe is featured in a great book book called Dorset Moonshine. A dash of olive brine works as saline and bring out extra flavor from the tomatoes and pairs with the Mediterranean botanicals of Lilliput Dorset Gin.

Clipped on to the side is dehydrated Dorset Nagas for those who like it extra hot, approach with caution. Build in a tall glass or bottle and garnish with hangover kickers such as pickled foods, the sky’s the limit!

What’s involved?

• 60ml Lilliput Gin • 25ml mix of lemon • Cucumber and celery juice • Grind of salt and plenty of black pepper • Pinch of Togarashi • 3 drops olive brine • And a Dorsetshire sauce float

A nice cold beer or cider, a glass of wine are all wonderful enjoyed with your BBQ. But there are possibilities within the cocktail realm that will work well too. Here we explore a few of these options, from an umami packed Dirty Mary, a Zingy Grilled Lime Caipirinha to the dark and deliciously simple cold brew and rum.

Photography by Richard Budd