UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2017 - Page 73


Brazilians know their beef, and picanha is one of the most popular cuts in Brazil, and justifiably so... it's a beautiful slab of beef, the fat cap makes it special, but it has a nice bit of marbelling, and a great firm texture.

Here in the UK you can ask a butcher for a Picanha, and although some may know what you are asking for, you will probably get further by asking for a Rump Cap. It shouldn't be too expensive a cut, probably the same as a rump steak.

How to cook...

You can season simply as a whole joint and cook on a medium hot direct charcoal BBQ to medium rare 55c.

Or you can cook churrasco style and cut the joint into 3 pieces, and skewer the curved pieces though the fat cap, season with plenty of coarse salt and cook on a rotisserie until medium rare 55c. Cut slithers of across the grain.