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Temper City, I think most people were expecting a riff off of the Temper style, but you have definitely stepped outside the box it seems, please tell us a bit more about what you see Temper City is all about?

I don't know it's the same to me in essence. We buy in whole animals and we smoke and grill them. The only difference is that the vehicle is curry and not tortillas.

Cooking with Indian flavours over fire, especially with goat sounds like a match made in heaven, goat also features heavily at Temper, what do you see the benefits of using goat, and what does it bring to the party flavour wise?

Goat is just about the most interesting tasting meat on the planet. If anything is going to punch through the spices we use it's goat.

The Autumn issue is all about cooking with Indian flavours on the BBQ, do you have any advice for people cooking foods with these flavours?

Like any cuisine there are borders and a few rules to follow but generally I think people need to play with the spices and find their own voice.

One thing to note is that marinades and spices are best applied after smoking in my eyes but that's only my opinion.

How does smoke fit into Indian flavours?

Smoke is in every cuisine on earth. It fits into all just like salt and pepper.

Will the menu at Temper City evolve further? Do you have plans to explore other regions and styles of live fire cooking?

Yes but right now we're just getting what we do now right.

Any further plans you are able to talk about?

No but yes.

Anything else you'd like to mention or discuss?

Gin is delicious.

(NB. they have gin o'clock at Temper City 5-7.30pm)

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Photography by Jason Latham

Temper CITY

Neil Rankin's Temper has become a real focal point for a lot of what is awesome about BBQ in the UK, taking inspiration from around the globe, and using our wonderful produce here in the UK in a holistic "whole animal" way of cooking. We grab Neil for a quick few questions about the thinking behind Temper City.