UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2017 - Page 52

few brief moments to talk to both Kerry and Miss Tootsie and even grab a few pictures too. We left our mark there with a sticker as we did at many of the BBQ spots on the tour and slowly walked back to the car. On our way back we notice that a group of the local children had set up a table by the entrance selling cakes to the people in line. A stroke of genius from them as after all the smokey, salty and peppery meats then something sweet is just whats needed. No matter how full you are. So now with cakes in hand we set off to the car and the drive back to Austin.

If you ever find yourself in Austin Texas then I urge you to consider a visit to Snows. Yes there are plenty of fantastic BBQ joints in the city but none that quite have their own Miss Tootsie. And none that are the current Texas Monthly number 1. My advice would be that since achieving the number 1 spot that the lines are now much much longer so get there early.

But my best advice? Go there on a Saturday.

Happy eating.