UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 75


BBQ Vensison and Mulberries

I've had the idea to do this recipe for a while now teaming BBQ vension with sweet berries, earthy sweet beetroot and steamed kale.

I just knew the flavous would work, I went for some sharp sweet mulberries I acquired from a neighbours tree, but blackberries would work well here too.

Fire up a BBQ with a lid, with some lumpwood charcoal and a little oak cask wood for smoke to around 160c set up for gentle direct cooking.

Season a 1.5kg venison joint such as loin with a good sprinkle of coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper (I used a blend of 5 peppers).

Place the venison over the coals along with a handful of small beetroot and allow to smoke roast for about 40 mins to an hour, until the internal temperature of the venison reaches 55 deg C and the beets are soft.

Place a handful of berries, mulberries or blackberries in a heatproof bowl over the heat and cook for 10 mins.

Allow the venison to rest for 20 mins wrapped in foil. Meanwhile steam a couple of handfuls of kale.

Serve the venison in thhick slices on a bed of the kale and smoked beets. Drizzle over the warm mulberries.

I served mine with a generous helping of sweet potato gratin, which worked really well.


Marcus Bawdon