UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 67


Meat the Butcher

Marco Peerdeman

The Orange Butcher 'aka' Marco Peerdeman, is an Institute of Meat Accredited Master Butcher. Marco is one of The Netherlands most prolific butchers although he has been living in London for the last 10 years.

Moving from London Smithfield Market and from Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa to starting his own company and working with Classic Fine Foods supplying quality restaurants and Michelin starred chefs with Wagyu, Gallican Blond beef, Irish dry aged beef, Pedigree Mangalitza pork, French poultry, Pyrenean baby lamb and British game.

Marco is slowly stepping up his game into the UK Barbecue scene supplying briskets (Wagyu, USDA and Aussie), shortribs and Baby back ribs to Smokus Pocus and the likes of Andy 'Low and Slow' and a few more. He is also sponsor, trainer/ seam butchery tutor for the UK team for the International Young Butchers Competition (IYBC).

Having successfully set up and introduced Butchery Classes at the Barbecoa Butchery in 2011 this is a part of the job he really enjoys now, as a devotee and protagonist of craft skills, handing over the knowledge or just teaching people about cutting meat.

He also lectures at Harper Adams University in Newport, Shropshire and provides demonstrations at Meat/BBQ festivals such as Churrascada in Rio de Janeiro, Carnivoornia in Amsterdam, Grillfest in Parnu, Estonia and Meatopia in London.

With these demonstrations he is also actively involved in grilling the meat coming off the whole Pistola Hindquarter.

"The Picanha has always been one of my favourite cuts, but after visiting Brazil I am even appreciating it more…!"

The various different styles of cutting and grilling Picanha are amazing. It is such a versatile cut.

Whole cooked as a roast and then slicing it for steaks. Or cutting it into steaks straight away for the grill or alternatively proper Brazilian style on a skewer rotating on a spit above the coals!!

Marco is on twitter: @orangebutcher

Or visit his site: