UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 65


Theo Michaels

Uchucuta (Peruvian Salsa) Recipe


2 green jalapeño chillis

1 scotch bonnet

100g feta cheese

1 tbl vinegar

Juice 1 lime

1 clove garlic

80ml extra virgin olive oil

20g fresh coriander (about a handful)

Pinch salt

Serve with:

1 Pork Chop per person (about 350g / 2inches thick)

Sweetcorn kernels (cook on the BBQ until charred and then cut off the kernels to use as a garnish).


Put the chilli’s under the grill or over an open flame until charred, then pull stalk off.

Add the chilli’s and all the other ingredients (except the pork chop!) to a blender and blend till smooth.

Reserve few tablespoons of the marinade for garnish (don’t let it be in contact with raw meat).

Add the pork chops to the rest of the marinade and marinate overnight, if not, an hour will do. Tip: I put my pork chops into a zip lock bag in a bowl in the fridge.

Remove the chops from the fridge an hour before you want to start cooking.

Once your BBQ is hot, place the pork chops on the BBQ in direct heat for about 4-5 minutes each side or until it is nicely charred.

Remove the pork chops and rest on a warm plate for 10 minutes (if you don’t do this your chops will be tough).

To serve, thickly slice half the pork chop, drizzle a tablespoon of the marinade over the meat (add a dash of water or lemon juice if the marinade is too thick), sprinkle the sweetcorn kernels over the pork chops, season well with salt and finish with some freshly chopped coriander sprinkled over the pork chop.

Theo Michaels is an all round top guy, super passionate about food, especially cooking outdoors the Masterchef Semi Finalist n 2014 even has his own Greek Style Rotisserie which is now available.

We asked him to share with us his thoughts on BBQ and a recipe for you to try.

The Greeks have been barbecuing for centuries and like most of the Greek and Mediterranean diet it consists of fresh, ripe ingredients simply prepared.

A Greek salad is the epitome of that philosophy; no messing about just great ingredients with a delicate dressing.

It's also about respect for the animal, what's the point in covering ribs with so much sauce that you can no longer taste the actual meat?

And that's how I like my BBQ's. I want my BBQ food to be simple, letting the main ingredient shine. Bit like a Broadway show - one star with some really good supporting actors.

My A-lister being slow cooked lamb shoulder with a supporting cast of salads and a chimichurri sauce. Or a whole

snapper simply cooked and supported by a punchy Cambodian Ginger dressing.

Summed up; my philosophy is humble food cooked damn well with a decent cast of supporting acts!

Twitter: @TheoCooks