UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 53


Firstly, make up the cold smoked butter. You can play around with some different flavour combinations, but the blue cheese and sage in this recipe compliment the pork perfectly. If you don't have access to a cold smoking kit (which are readily available online), simply ignore the cold smoking process below and use chilled butter.

Soften the butter at room temperature. Once softened, combine with the stilton cheese, sage and pepper. Roll neatly into a cylinder shape, wrapping in cling film to get a nice even surface (as pictured).

Fill your cold smoke generator with your desired wood and light it. Remove the cling film, and place the butter on a clean wire rack. Now put the butter into the smoking chamber.

Smoke for 2 hours, longer if you want a smokier finish.

Then remove from the smoking chamber and leave to rest at room temperature, uncovered for a couple of hours. Then cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours, but preferably longer - 48 hours will be fine.  Resting the butter will mellow the smoky flavour, ensuring a more palatable taste.

Make both the sauces. For each sauce, combine all the ingredients and gently summer for 15 minutes. Then blitz in a food processor so that the sauce has the right consistency.

Once you've prepared the butter and sauces, make an incision half way into the chop, making a little pocket big enough to fit the butter in. Once stuffed, secure the joint using string so that it keeps a nice, uniformed shape.

Now mix together the ingredients of the rub, and pat evenly onto all sides of the pork.

Meanwhile light some charcoal, three quarters of a chimney starter of coal will suffice. Once glowing and red hot, set up your grill with two zones - one part with the coals, another empty.

Now sear all sides of the pork joint on the grill directly over the coals. Try to get a nice dark, crusty edge to the pork.

Then remove the chop from this zone, onto the other zone where there are no coals.

Close the lid of your BBQ, and cook until the pork hits an internal temperature of 165°F/74°C. Remove from the grill. Let the meat rest for a minimum of five minutes.

Now it’s time to get stuck in, it's handy to use a fork and a steak knife, dipping the pork into the sauces as you go.