UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 49

So from Buenos Aires we moved to Rio after the crime became quite savage. Rio was even more crazy! But the bbq was very different again. Churrascarias! Amen!! Skewers of meat after meat, picanha and farofa a firm favourite. We used to grill on the roof overlooking Baja de Tijuca or go down the coast to a friend’s house and cook on the beach and watch the surfers.

We cooked tuna by firelight up in Natal after a fishing trip and discovered the Tuna jaw bone is something rather special.

But we found different bbq in Bolivia, Colombia, NE Brazil, Trinidad and Venezuela. Different sauces, spices, heat levels. Different meat, smoked, buried, fried. Influences from Japan, from the US, from Portugal, Spain and India roving the continent and alive with sensations of mind blowing food.

So Angus & Oink ltd was born when we came back to Scotland after a 2 year stint in Saudi Arabia where new skills in brewing were learnt; different bbq again. Camel is actually quite nice with Zatar flat breads and Zoug spicy sauce. River cottage has a lot to answer for and we made a few of our own sauces to see if we could re-create some of the flavours we had encountered.

We sold our first 12 jars of sauce to the local butcher 2 years ago and since then have sold over 10,000 sauces as far afield as South Africa, Austria and France.

Angus & Oink is a passionate endeavor and we hope that the flavours we bring to the tables of the people we sell to give them pleasure, passion for food and cooking. BBQ is all about people and coming together for us and a celebration of culture.