UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 46

in March 2017 and Cambodia was certainly a great inspiration.

BBQ in the UK is growing massively, how do you see this going?

Well, it's just great isn’t it? It is particularly great to see the rise of women barbecuing, it's no longer seen as a ‘man’s domain’. Why should the guys have all the adventures? Girls like fire too!!

What BBQ projects have you been working on this summer?

I’ve made a few more barbecue films, cooking different recipes that will be over on my YouTube channel, but mostly I’ve been hanging out with my kids, being outside as much as possible, and of course, being a food writer, that involves lots of making nice things to eat.

Here at UK BBQ Mag we love your book How to Eat Outside, please tell the readers a little more about it.

How to Eat Outside is a book about celebrating how amazing food can be when you are out in the fresh air. It started when I pondered one day about my favourite meals of all time (the sort of thing greedy people like me do in idle moments!!) and it struck me that of all the most memorable meals of my life, probably 90% of them were eaten outside. And so, a book of outside cooking was borne.

I have a lifelong love of fresh air and nature - I am certainly miserable if I stay inside for too long - and for me cooking outside adds a bit of mini-adventure to cooking. We all need to cook day in day out, and even if you love food as much as I do, it can get monotonous and dare I say it tedious. So its great to ring the changes. Barbecuing is a bit of cookery theatre too, it makes cooking more sociable. Light a barbecue and your friends will gather around you - thats got to be more fun than slaving away in a kitchen by yourself, hasn’t it?

Best tip for those new to BBQ?

My best tip is to not cook over too high a heat - with the exception of a beautiful bit of rare steak, which needs very hot for a little amount of time - most things are better cooked for longer over a more moderate heat. So make sure you let the charcoal die down enough before you start cooking, or you’ll get the dreaded burnt outside and raw in the middle that British barbecue can have a bad reputation for.

Also, if you are a novice, try to make sure you cook in the daylight!!! It goes without saying its much harder to judge whats going on once the suns gone down and you’ve had a few beers…….

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