UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 39


have enjoyed that are not able to make the menu.

When seated in their safari styled restaurant you are supplied with a cast iron plate and a selection of 20 side sauces that accompany each of the meats on the menu that day.

The waiting staff bring around the meat still skewered on the swords and will carve you a portion whilst advising which condiment matches each meat.

Slowly over the evening we were brought a total of 18 different meat dishes to sample. As a group we particularly enjoyed the ostrich and crocodile and of course the beef ribs were a real crowd pleaser.

All this washed down with a few of the local Tusker beers seems a fitting way to end another Kenyan adventure.

Having sampled all 18 meats, some for a second time we duly raised the white flag provided to show we could feast no more.

Carnivore has been voted as 1 of the top 100 restaurant’s in the world on a number of occasions and is well worth a visit for anyone traveling through Nairobi.


John Russell

The World of BBQ