UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 36


Finally the JoeTisserie has arrived!! Ever since I got my Kamado Joe the JoeTisserie has been mysteriously lurking in the background, occasionally it would pop up on social media but no-one knew when it would surface!

But it is here…and I have one!

Made from cast aluminium the wedge shaped frame fits into the Kamado Joe Classic and transforms it into a spit. The JoeTisserie fits perfectly and allows the lid to be closed so you can have the advantages of a rotisserie combined with the ceramic oven to ensure your meats are smoky, juicy and tender.

In order to use the JoeTisserie you have to drop the left hand table as that it where the motor sits. The motor is super quiet, so quiet that a couple times I forgot to turn it on, and powerful enough to hold meats of upto 22kg. The rod also has adjustable forks which can be easily moved to accommodate whatever meat you want to cook.

The whole thing comes apart and allows easy cleaning in the sick or dishwasher.

I cannot fault it, my only thing to make you aware of is it clearly needs electricity to power the motor so if you don’t have power in your garden you may have to be like me and chuck an extension lead out the window.


Tranform your ceramic bbq into a supercharged rottiserie.