UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 35


25ml rye whiskey (I’ve used Jim beam rye)

25ml shine London Apple Pie moonshine

1 brown sugar cube

2 dashes angostura orange bitters

1 LARGE ice cube 

Orange twist 


Whiskey glass




1. Place a brown sugar cube in the base of your whiskey tumbler. 

2. Cover the sugar with a teaspoon of soda water and 2 healthy dashes of orange Angostura bitters.

3. Gently muddle/crush the sugar, breaking down the granules until they begin to dissolve.

4. Add either one large ice cube or 4/5 traditionally sized to the glass and pour over 25ml of your preferred Rye Whiskey ( I like the Jim Beam Rye ) 

5. With a glass stirring rod or bar spoon, gently start to stir the whiskey round the sides of the glass. This will soften the more aggressive nature of the rye and allow all elements to blend well. (Approx. 1 minute of stirring)

6. With the remaining sugar dissolved within the Rye, pour the 25ml of apple pie moonshine into the glass and continue with a gentle stir for another minute.

7. Remove a decent slice of skin from your orange, ensuring the pith but not the fruit is attached. You are aiming for a slice around 5cm long and 1.5 wide. Here comes the tricky bit. Between thumb and forefinger, with the skin facing outwards, gently bend the orange skin so that it bows in the centre.  As you complete this move, with your other hand, hold a lit lighter approx. 2cm from the surface of the orange peel. As you bend the peel, the natural oils with shoot out and caramelise in the flame. 

8. Add the orange peel to the glass, find your comfiest fireside chair, kick off your shoes, relax and sip, safe in the knowledge that you rock.

Paul Walker

Smohk & Mischief


Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine Old Fashioned