UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 20

We all know one of the best things about BBQ in the UK is the people. Readers of CWS and UK BBQ MAG will know better than most that if you’re after advice on anything that involves cooking outdoors there’s an array of people ready to give you advice, no matter what level you’re at.

Another great thing about BBQ is the variety and quality of cooking equipment that is now available to help you further master your craft. Brands recognised for quality have become well established as demand grows for kit that is going to offer consistent results, be easy to use and most importantly, last a long time.

Harrison Ovens, the first solid fuel oven for home kitchens and gardens fits neatly into this picture. Set-up in 2016, this London start-up (comprising of Husband and Wife team Natalie and Daniel) has gone about creating a stunning charcoal kitchen or garden oven, aimed at the home owner looking to cook everything you can cook in a conventional oven, whilst adding that unforgettable smoky flavour to their food.

With extensive marketing and advertsing experience for luxury products, Natalie had a wealth of knowlegde and contacts to draw upon in the development of the Harrison brand. In a short time this has enabled Harrison to already become a well developed brand and the product is currently in the process of a some very exclusive photo shoots plus it is already being distributed in Australia.

Daniel used his wealth of experience as an engineer, welder and fabricator, coupled with his passion for cooking with traditional methods to develop his first solid fuel oven 3 years ago. Since then the product has developed into the finished article you see before you. Daniel's eye for aesthetics has also meant that not only is the oven extremely well built, it will aslo capture many the admiring glance from chefs and friends alike.

The ovens come in a variety of colours and set-ups, each one catering to unique customer requirements. Bespoke colours will be available too, there’s nothing that’s been overlooked in this unique, customer-centric market.

Natalie and Daniel have no intention of ever making Harrison Ovens a mass produced, outsourced product. Interest will no doubt continue to grow and the business will have to adapt to keep up but as long as they're keeping busy and getting great responses from customers and cooking enthusiasts alike then that is enough.

Look out for more from Harrison at local food events and larger festivals, along with some other exclusive releases.

Fancy Cooking with a Harrison?

If you like what you see and would love to be one of the first chefs in the UK to try cooking on a Harrison. Get in touch on social media or email us (mention #ukbbqmag) and we'll pick one of you to visit us at an event and try your hand with the most anticpated Charcoal Oven in the world!