UK BBQ Mag Autumn 2016 - Page 12

Andy Annat fire wall

And as a finale in our epic Heavy Metal article, it had to be Andy Annat's latest cooking extravaganza, otherwise known as the 'Wall of Fire'. Recently fired up for a 40th Birthday party in Norfolk.

During the day Andy cooked a whole spatchcocked pig, 15 whole chickens, two veal D Rumps, 10 loins of lamb, 6 whole bellies of pork, 40 hand made frankfurter sausages, 100 pork sausages, 40 peppers filled with mushroom risotto & 3 strings of garlic.

Fuel: Used 2 pallets of oak logs & 100 kg lump wood charcoal

Weight: The Wall of Fire weighs three quarters tonne

Size: 10 foot wide & 8 foot high

Set up time: Around 3 hours

Dismantling time: dismantling, cleaning & clearing the site - 4 hours

Andy's Crackerjack BBQ are an alfresco live fire event company, who specialise in catering for corporate days & private events.