4k news_news 26/03/2015 17:44 Page 1 EUROMEDIA UHD in association with DTG Ultra HD awareness grows indings from satellite operator SES suggest that while consumers in the main European markets are aware of Ultra HD, sales are yet to match such awareness. Meanwhile, the operator is taking steps to ensure greater public understanding of the technology. Revealing the figures at SES's Satellite Monitor event in London, Laurence Cribier, senior market research co-ordinator, confirmed that German viewers showed greater awareness than their European counterparts, with 44% of all German TV homes reporting having heard about Ultra HD, but only 1% actually owned an Ultra HD screen. UK viewers were next-ranked, F with 39% awareness, but greater set ownership at 4%. French viewers reported 34% awareness and 3% ownership, with Spain ranking fourth at 26% awareness and 3% ownership. SES confirmed in mid-March that its Ultra High Definition (UHD) demonstration channel was available in the UK and Ireland. Broadcast via ASTRA 2E at 28.2° East, the new channel will simulcast the UHD demonstration channel that is currently at SES's primary European orbital position of 19.2 degrees East. The Ultra HD content is broadcast using the DVB UHD-1 Phase 1 signalling specifications and is encoded in the HEVC Main 10 standard. The channel features a mix of colourful and extremely detailed scenes that demonstrate the clarity of Ultra HD television urban sports, exotic animals and nature, cityscapes - along with footage of SES’s headquarters in Betzdorf. It can be received with a standard satellite dish connected to a state-of-the-art Ultra HD flat screen TV featuring an integrated satellite tuner and HEVC decoder. "We are delighted to have set up this demonstration channel at the prime orbital position for the UK market,” said Mike Chandler, managing director of ASTRA (GB) Ltd. “We are making use of the capacity to enable UK and Irish retailers, installers and enthusiasts to understand the technology that makes UHD possible, and what it will mean for their viewing experience. We encourage our trade partners to show our Ultra HD demo channel at their points of sale for demonstration purposes.”