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HDR to the fore Rian Bester, CEO, INSIGHT TV, explains how the company brings UHD HDR content to the fore with global social influencers. The arrival of HD, then 4K UHD, and now HDR has made broadcast technology accelerate swiftly. The previous generation likely kept a TV for ten or 15 years. But now, in some parts of the world, consumers upgrade their TV sets within three years, and this is speeding up the consumer cycle. This is also putting pressure on consumer electronics I manufacturers to enhance and entice n 2017, HDR went from a buzzword to an industry game-changer that is set to revolutionise our TV viewing experience. consumers to switch to a newer device. With HDR driving UHD sales, are we likely to see more UHD HDR content available on our But why is this, and what impact does HDR TVs at home? As part of Future Consulting’s have on the industry and the consumer. In recent 4K UHD Consumer Market Tracking simple terms, high dynamic range (HDR) Report, Futuresource market analyst Tristan refers to a greater range of brightness levels. during fast motion scenes. When you put these Veale says that, “Despite the strong hardware The blacks within a picture become darker elements together and watch a programme in sales and a significant quantity of content and the highlights much brighter, recreating HDR, the picture becomes richer and much being shot, produced and stored in 4K, only an image that’s very close to how we see with more lifelike for the viewer. a small proportion of that is readily available the human eye. But HDR is more than just There are some industry experts who to consumers. Therefore, the content gap is a dynamic range. With HDR, bit depth has think HDR is having a greater impact on appearing to expand as the demand for the risen from 8-bit colour (16 million colours) the industry than 4K UHD. Why? Simply higher quality hardware is outstripping the to 10-bit colour (more than a billion colours), because HDR is actually a driver of UHD; propensity to pay for UHD content. This gap significantly increasing the picture colour it’s something that the consumer can clearly will likely continue to widen until broadcasted palette and thereby the picture quality. notice. With UHD, if viewers aren’t looking at UHD becomes more mainstream.” This increase in picture depth is key but the content on a big screen, they might say the there are two other factors that contribute to picture looks great but so does an HD image. HDR. The first is wide colour gamut (WCG) If you put an HDR picture next to an SDR Maintaining the highest standards - which allows more colours to be displayed. picture, regardless if it’s on a mobile phone As a 4K UHD pioneer, INSIGHT TV has taken With an HDR picture this can particularly be or a 55-inch TV screen, there’s no doubt that a big step forward with HDR. The industry noticed in the reds, greens and yellows, which viewers will notice an obvious difference. regards the shift from UHD to HDR to be display much more vivid colour variations. This is why HDR combined with UHD is bigger than the transition from SD to UHD The other element is high frame rate (HFR), accelerating the adoption of UHD — because and the channel has certainly overcome which provides much smoother viewing of the upgraded user experience. challenges to ensure that it maintains high standards. In some cases, it has rejected several versions of a show before it has signed off the final master. This is because the HDR format can exaggerate any tiny flaw in the picture. Problems can arise from the camera or lens used during production, to a speck of dust on the lens. Fixing these issues during the production stage becomes more complex and takes a lot of time and effort. But it’s critical to make sure that th \HܜX[ۜ\HۙH]HX[ۈYH[]\[ [ۙHوSQ&\ܘ\HX[H[\\H\\܈X[ۋXYHH]X\[™^\Y[HHܚٛˈSQ[]\\[UܛX]]^H[HܘYY]HY\]X[]KX[HY[X\]\\[ L]^\܈\[ۘ[Y]ܚX[X[ۈ˂\H]\HXY]YX[H[HY][]H]]HR\]X\XK]8&\[[\ܝ[œ]YX[HXHH\HوY[\œX]\HH[X[^YH[Y\]ZXH]]Y\˂[SQ\[]X[ۂYX][ۜ][\\\\HX[ۂX[]\BMQSQSUTSӂ\[H[\ܝ[\\XX[